Cathedral Rock, a Journey Beyond: Framed Wall Canvas


Size: 20x30" (single)

20x30" (single)
24x36" (single)
32x48" (single)
40x60" (single)
Two 24x32" panels
Two 30x40" panels
Embarking on this hike is an adventure that begins in the embrace of a mature lowland forest. As you ascend, you’ll find yourself transcending the treeline, stepping into an alpine world of rocky grandeur. From the vantage point near the base of Mt. Daniels, the viewer can gaze down upon the serene beauty of Peggy’s Pond and the awe-inspiring Cathedral Rock. This image works well as a single piece or can also be split into two separate pieces.

These are available in multiple configurations and sizes. Please contact us directly and we will create your perfect wall art.