Dream Big Archetypes Deck


Start the day focused on mindfulness, confidence, and positive thinking with these beautifully-illustrated cards in the Dream Big Archetypes Deck. This deck is the perfect tool for mystics of all ages! These adorably illustrated animal cards celebrate themes of kindness, strength, and empowerment. Each animal represents one archetype, or one attribute, to help one stay mindful and confident as they take on the day ahead. This deck will inspire meaningful conversations, help build self-esteem, and encourage kids to be kind to themselves and others. The Dream Big Archetypes Deck includes a display stand for you to easily display each daily card on a nightstand, desk, or even on the kitchen table.

Example of one card is: Archetype: Queen Animal: Bear Mantra: Take on the day with real confidence. Be a leader. Use your kindness well. Feel all of the strength and compassion you have in you.