Hug a Wolf Kit


Introducing the Hug a Wolf Kit, an adorable and educational companion that brings the wild spirit of the wolf into your home. This charming kit includes a mini plush wolf that's perfect for cuddling and a Wolf Handler's Guide booklet packed with fascinating facts about these remarkable creatures.


  • Adorable mini plush wolf: Embrace the warmth and softness of this cuddly wolf plush, a constant reminder of the wild beauty of these majestic animals.

  • Wolf Handler's Guide booklet: Embark on a journey of discovery with the Wolf Handler's Guide, filled with intriguing facts, care instructions, and fun activities to transform your home into a wolf-friendly haven.

  • Adoption certificate: Officially welcome your new wolf companion into your family with the included adoption certificate, a personalized touch that adds to the heartwarming experience.

  • Name suggestions: Find the perfect name for your new wolf friend with the helpful suggestions provided in the booklet, ensuring a fitting moniker for this special member of your family.